Your Tribe Can Succeed in Becoming Federally Recognized


American Ancestors Federal Recognition Services would like to talk about Federal Recognition with you.  Our first point, will be to discuss how Federal Recognition is important to Tribal Groups for several reasons.  Some of the reasons include:

  • Federally recognized tribal governments possess a measure of sovereignty. Non-recognized tribes can form tribal organizations but lack sovereign powers.
  • Federally acknowledged tribes can have their reservation lands placed in trust. This means that their land is protected by the federal government from being purchased or taken by non-Indians.American Ancestors - Federal Recognition of Tribes
  • Federally recognized tribes have a “trust relationship “with the government. This means that the federal authorities will protect their sovereign status, their lands and tribal property, and their rights as members of domestic dependent nations.
  • Federal recognition means that the United States government recognizes the right of an Indian tribe to exist as a sovereign entity, which means the right of a group to be self-governing.
  • Federally acknowledged tribes are eligible for federal health care and education funding through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  • Federally recognized tribes  have access to grants and housing .
  • Federally recognized tribes provide a secure future for their posterity: “…my children won’t have to fight for what is rightfully theirs…”
Consider for a moment what benefits your Tribal Group is looking forward to receiving by becoming Federally Recognized.
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