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At American Ancestors, it is our mission to provide our clients with the expertise that will facilitate accurate, timely information.  We have the know how, the ability, the process plans and the integrity needed to support a Tribe in their quest for Federal Recognition.  

We strive to maintain the highest levels of service and are pleased to provide you with access to a team of expert genealogists who are bound together by a passion for the family, for history and connecting the generations. 

American Ancestors - Tribes of the Indian Nations

Too Many Tribes Have Waited Too Long for Federal Recognition – American Ancestors Is Here to Help

American Ancestors has over 40 years of combined ancestry research and Master Genealogist experience.  American Ancestors is dedicated to organizing efforts and assisting groups who are seeking to be Federally Recognized as a Tribe in the United States.  It is our goal to complete the project in as efficient a manner as possible, while not sacrificing the quality genealogical information needed to satisfy the criteria.

American Ancestors can support your Tribe in fulfilling the 7 Criteria for the Federal Application process and help your Tribe attain their goal of Federal Recognition.  

We are the only Tribally Certified Federal Recognition Company in the United States.  American Ancestors is headed by a Native American. American Ancestors is the only Federal Recognition Services Company that has a plan for a Two-Year Completion of the Federal Application Process.

If you have any questions about our Federal Recognition Services or would like to set up a phone or in person presentation, please Contact American Ancestors via our Contact Form or call us toll free at 1-877-319-4517.